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The credenziale is issued to those who require it in a spirit of faith and who undertake to abide by the direction and content.
In order to receive the credential, fill out the form below. Your credential will be sent to your home. We have chosen not to charge a fee for issuing and sending the pilgrim’s Credential. Nevertheless, if you can, PLEASE SUPPORT US WITH A DONATION to help us maintain over time all the services that the volunteers of the piccolAccoglienza Gubbio carry out in favour of all pilgrims.


To avoid confusion, write your mail address here, including Name and Surname, exactly as it should be written for your postal service.


Ask to receive the credentials for embarking on the DEVOTIONIS CAUSA pilgrimage

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(1)Indicate the actual place from which you intend to start your pilgrimage
(2)Indicate the Holy Place that you intend to be your place of arrival
(3)The pilgrim's credential should be requested at least 3 weeks before departure (2 months for delivery outside Italy) to allow for it to be sent by post. 


For groups

Fill in the fields for each pilgrim in the group. The Credentials will be sent to the signatory of the form.
For larger groups, we invite you to fill in multiple forms.

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The Credential delivery service is carried out at the Credentials Office by the by volunteers of the PiccolAccoglienza at the Diocese of Gubbio.

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Help us cover the delivery costs and bear the costs of the service.
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